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Botswana A Brush with the Wild

An extended, reworked current version of A Brush with the Wild is now in an early stage of production. This title will be published in May 2023 and is a part of an upcoming Paul Augustinus trilogy.
Originally ublished by Acorn Books (South Africa).
236 pages, hardcover with colour jacket, full colour. Dimensions 24cm x 29cm.
Paul Augustinus, Acorn Books, 1987 (ISBN 1-874802-05-X Standard edition : ISBN 0-620-09677-2 Collectors’ edition).

Image of the cover of Paul Augustinus book, Botswana a Brush with the Wild, set against a zebra skin
Autobiographical account of life of a wildlife artist in the wilds of Africa in 1970's Botswana, by Paul Augustinus. This book is an extended version of the book of the same name that was published in 1988. The book has an extensive text that describes his travels in the context of similar journeys through the same areas in the late 1800's by Livingstone, Baines, Chapman and others. The book is fully illustrated with many Paul Augustinus paintings, sketches and photographs as well as photography and engravings by the earlier travelers. The book vividly describes the frontier town atmosphere of Maun and Kasane in the late 1970's - a time when Botswana was inhabited by vast herds of undisturbed wildlife and when its wide open spaces really were wide open to those willing to take a few risks. It was a time when there were few rules and regulations and tourism had yet to tame Ngamiland or the Chobe District. It is a window into the past when Botswana was not the 'theme park' that it has so recently become in recent years.