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image of a Nizo super 8 camera

Since 1990 I have used a Nizzo Super 8mm movie camera, as well as Sony TR850 and PC 330E camcorders to create guerrilla style documentaries as an artists record of some iconic adventures. Professionally produced, these videos are windows into the past and depict a freedom that was available in a different era to those who were happy to take a few risks.

Jau: Dugout Safari


In In 1994, Clarissa and I spent 10 days camping in the Jau area of the Okavango in Africa. This was a very memorable trip because we had several interesting encounters with wildlife on foot and by dugout - especially the lion and elephant encounters described in the video. However, the most memorable occasion on this trip was when we were led to honey by a tiny, drab looking bird called an African Honeyguide. Then our polers, Okavango San now working as guides, smoked the bees out with smoldering bits of elephant dung and we feasted on mopane flavored honey! This really fired up the creative juices in this artist. I also obtained lots of evocative and original material for paintings. When I watch this video now twenty years later I am struck by how much freedom there was for individuals to wander back then. That freedom is gone now.

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Paul Augustinus image of a dugout approaching a distant sitatunga in a swamp..