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The beginning!

In 1971, my mother moved to Mozambique where we lived in Beira for six months. Near the end of the year she moved back to Harare where we lived in the municipal campsite and I wrote my University entrance exams at a cram school. These were internationally accepted exams which were marked in the UK. Right after that was over my mother moved to the Victoria Falls renting one of the bungalows in the Village. After Christmas the results arrived in the post and I discovered that I had passed! I suddenly realized that I would be going to University. My mother was so relieved that she rewarded me by renting a car and we headed off to Botswana and the Chobe River. Little did I know that Serondella would be an important part of my future as an artist long after I had graduated from University with a BSc degree in Geology.

1/10 :The Chobe River in Botswana
Aerial view of the Chobe river showing islands and the location of Serondella in the far distance.
2/10 : In 1971 Serondella was located just upstream of the old Sawmills and was just a cleared area next to the river.
An image of  a tent errected in a very thorny clearing with an elephant in the background.
3/10 : Elephants would come down to the drink at the bend in the river just upstream.
An image of  Paul Augustinus in the foreground looking at a group of elephants drinking from the Chobe river in the background.
4/10 : Often I would climb a big tree here in order to see what was happening further up the floodplain.
An image of the Chobe flood plain and some elephants - taken from the top branvhes of a tree.
5/10 :At Serondella I spent a lot of time fishing as we had miscalculated the amount of food we had brought.
An image of Paul Augustinus with fish he has caught from the Chobe River. In the background is his camp.
6/10 :The Chobe River floodplains. The opposite side of the floodplain is Namibia.
An image of Rosemary Augustinus  standing outside her vehicle, looking through binoculars at the floodplains.
7/10 :During this 1970 holiday we saw elephants crossing back and forth across the river many times.
An image of a herd of elephants crossing over the Chobe River to graze on the Namibian side.
8/10 :What was unusual about this trip was that we saw several white rhino regularly along the river front between Puku Flats and Serondella.
An image of a rare white rhino enjoying a mud bath in a pool on the edge of the Chobe floodplain.
9/10 :In 1971 there was a small village located on the other side just upstream from Serondella. In later years the trees and the village disappeared.
An image of  a village set in trees and a dugout with polers on the opposite side of the Chobe River.
10/10 : In 1970 lions along the Chobe River were very shy. This is the only one we saw (near the airfield) in three weeks there.
An image of a lioness creeping across  a bush track.

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