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Really Wild Namibia

A once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to the mouth of the Kunene in Northern Namibia where coastal desert elephants left their tracks on the Namib dunes and the Skeleton Coast

1/11 : I took lots of pictures on this trip using my new stereo camera.
An stero pair image of Clarissa Augustinus sitting on the dunes of the Namib desert.
2/11 : We hitched a ride with one of the geophysics guys who did not care whether his 4x4 was damaged by the seawater.
An image of the view out of the windscreen of a 4x4 vehicle which is driving fast along a beach next to the incoming waves. In the distance is a truck containing geophysics equipment
3/11 : It took two days to get to the Kunene. The camp on the first night.
An image of vehicles parked on the beach with people milling about as a camp is made at sunset. In the background is the Atlantic and the surf.
4/11 : Clarissa caught quite a few fish on this trip.
An image of Clarissa Augustinus holding a rod and a fish that she has just caught. The wild Atlantic is in the background.
5/11 : We saw lots of gemsbok on the way to Kunene.
An image of a gemsbok antelope running through the dunes of the Namib desert.
6/11 : This was the view of the Kunene from a rise near the Foz do Kunene.
An image of Paul Augustinus standing on a ridge overlooking a wide river that is flowing off into the distance where the Atlantic can be seen.
7/11 : Clarissa Augustinus walking the dunes above the Kune Mouth.
An image of a woman walking across a vast dunescape adjacent to a wide, slow river. In the far distance is the Atlantic Ocean.
8/11 : No vegetation anywhere, but there were baboon tracks on the dunes.
An image of the spoor of baboons leading over a dune and down towards the river far below
9/11 : We also saw lion tracks there.
An image of a set of lion tracks crossing a dune face.
10/11 : The warden had brought a boat with him and we were able to travel up the Kunene.
An image of a small red inflatable boat with an outboard motor  travelling up the Kunene between a rocky passage in the river course.
11/11 : The warden, Skeleton Coast and one of the seal colonies.
An image of a man standing on a headland looking out and over a very large seal colony.

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