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European Interlude!
To Spain for a Commission

I don't normally do commissions! It's impossible to see what's in a clients mind and more often than not the artist does not deliver EXACTLY what the client is visualising. Then they don't buy the painting! Sometimes though I will take the risk and do a commission if it's something different enough to interest me. In the late 1990s my South African agent, Mark Read organised a commission for me that entailed flying to Madrid, and then traveling by train to a vast wilderness owned by a wealthy industrialist the far south of the country. That was different enough for me! I was met there by the estate manager and over the next couple of weeks I walked many miles over hills covered in cork trees and dense almost impenetrable scrub looking for wildlife. I saw thousands of red deer, but also came across wild boar and some smaller species of deer and quite a few foxes. Armed with lots of watercolour sketches and photographs I returned to South Africa and produced a large painting for a pavilion he was building on the estate. Luckily for me the client loved the painting.

1/10 : Not a normal bush lodge. The owners villa at the estate!
An image of a dimly lit, old-world living room with many valuable impressionist paintings on the walls and the artist sitting in a corner working on some watercolour sketches.
2/10 : I came across numerous ruined farm buildings while walking the hills.
An image of the artist Paul Augustins seated in the dorway of a ruined farmstead building while working on a sketch for the commission.
3/10 : Hard at work on a commission in Spain.
An image of Paul Augustinus sketching in a flat area between the hills.
4/10 : Red deer were everywhere.
An image of deer running past some of the ruined buildings found in the valleys.
5/10 : A surprise encounter with a wild boar!
An image of a spooked wild boar running off through some scrub
6/10 : I managed to creep up to some deer with spectacular antlers.
An image of a suspicious red deer with very large antlers in the scrub.
7/10 : One of my sketches of the estate.
An image of a watercolour sketch showing open country scenery with some misty hills in the background.
8/10 : A wild boar sketch.
An image of  sketch of a wild boar looking alert and suspicious.
9/10 : Sketch of a deer on the estate.
An image of  a red deer sketch, with large antlers.
10/10 : The completed commission!
An image of a painting of a magnificent red deer with large antlers standing posed on a rocky ridge above the valleys of the estate.

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