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In 2003 Clarissa was offered and accepted a position at United Nations in Kenya. This was a very exciting and unexpected move for us. I decided to keep my Shorelands studio in Durban even as we set up a second home a thousand km to the North in Nairobi. Our first flight to Nairobi was a momentous one for me because as we flew North I looked out and down on to many places that had been instrumental in my artistic journey. During the four hour flight I was able to pick out Gona-re Zhou National Park, Gorongosa Mountain, the Zambezi River, the Buhoro Flats near Ruaha (for a painting see HERE) and as we neared the Kenya border, Arusha. Here I could easily see Kilimanjaro in the East and the haze over Lake Amboseli as well as the dark line of the Chyulu Hills. Beyond lay the flat nyika bush of Tsavo. I knew that out of sight far below the horizon lay Mombasa - the coastal Arab town where I had grown up in the 1960s. As I looked in that direction I was almost moved to tears. I was coming back to a place I loved which was about to become my home again.
During the many years following our move to Kenya I commuted back and forth between there and Southern Africa and never tired of the aerial views of familiar places. I continued to use my beachfront studio flat at Shorelands so I could keep an eye on my mother who had become very frail and was living in a apartment up the beach. We brought her up to Kenya for a holiday and she wandered about Nairobi visiting old haunts. She wanted to go down to Mombasa but I refused. I should have taken her there but the thought of did it not appeal to me at the time. Instead we went to Lamu instead. When she died in 2009 I realized too late that I had never thanked her for the way she had brought me up. Or for doing the right thing by me when my father left to be with Gisele, or for sending me to University or for all the photo gear and model aircraft she bought for me when I was at school. Or all the other things that I had taken for granted.
Even though my mother was gone I found it difficult to let go of my beloved beachfront studio. So for a few more years I kept it on.
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1/14 : I felt as though I was traveling back in time to old haunts!
An image of Paul Augustinus seated in the cabin of of a passenger plane.
2/14 : One hour and we were flying over Zinhave in Southern Mozambique.
An image looking out of a cabin window at the swept wing of a jet airliner. Clouds and Africa lie far below.
3/14 : Bush fires in the baobab country west of Mt. Gorongosa.
An areial image of bush fires.
4/14 : The Northern shore of Lake Malawi.
An areial image of the shoreline of Lake Malawi which is bounded on the East by the escarpment hills of the Great Rift Valley.
5/14 : The shoreline of the Buhoro Flats.
An aerial image African bushfeld bounded by a dark area of swamp and marsh.
6/14 : Lake Manyara in the African Rift Valley.
An aerial image of a long lake at the foot of a forested escarpment with receding shorelie from drought conditions.
7/14 : The Crater Highlands - always on the left when traveling North.
An aerial image of the upland plateau that holds Ngorongoro Crater. Several other features are visible including the Serengetti in the distance.
8/14 : Lengai is the only active volcano in East Africa.
An aerial image of the Northern edge of the Crater Highlands showing the location of a small crater lake. Further to the North ( to the right in the image) a solitary and very high volcano rises out of the plain. Small amounts of yellowish smoke is issiuning from the crater and the summit is partially obscured by clouds.
9/14 : Kilimanjaro, always on the right when traveling North.
An aerial image of Kilimanjaro rising out of a plain with the plains to the North where Amboseli and Tsavo National Park are located.
10/14 : Heavily faulted escarpment of the Rift Valley.
An aerial image of  rolling hills that have  numerous, parallel faulting aligned with the rift valley orientation.
11/14 : New settlements on the old Kitingela Game Reserve plains to the South of Nairobi National Park .
An aerial image of small holding farms cut into the virgin bush of East Africa.
12/14 : Myself, Clarissa and Rosemary at Lamu - 2004.
An image of a group of people sitting around a dining table in a Swahili Coast styled dining room.
13/14 : Myself and my mom at Lamu - 2004.
An image of Paul and Rosemary Augustinus walking together along the watrefront at Lamu.
14/14 : The last of our stuff arrives from Durban.
An image of a container truck being unpacked.

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