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image of a Nizo super 8 camera

Since 1990 I have used a Nizzo Super 8mm movie camera, as well as Sony TR850 and PC 330E camcorders to create guerrilla style documentaries as an artists record of some iconic adventures. Professionally produced, these videos are windows into the past and depict a freedom that was available in a different era to those who were happy to take a few risks.

Red Dot Heaven!


There are lots of things that can go wrong with shows, the foremost of which is that your paintings do not sell well - which is a public humiliation to be endured by the artist and tiny red dots next to a painting indicates it is sold. Sometimes you don't know whether your show is a success or not until you actually walk in the front door of the gallery! Trying to be nonchalant while scanning the walls for red dots that you hope are next to each painting can be very stressful. It's a form of torture that every artist endures. Psychologically you need a few of these red dots on the walls of the gallery in order to keep your sanity. When you finally realize they are there - they have a significance that is vastly underestimated by the viewing public! It's red dot heaven for the artist!

Paul Augustinus Red Dot at Everard Read: 2015.