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Okaukejo - Africa's Circus Maximus

Almost as a whim I decided to head for Etosha and see if I could put up with all the rules and regulations of a tourist destination. We booked one of the bungalows right next to the waterhole at Okaukejo for a few weeks and then set off from Swakopmund. I was very surprised how good the camp waterhole was. It was possible to sit all day on a bench and watch spectacular events unfold while everyone else had gone out on game drives. Lions ambushing kudu and springbok were very easy to observe. I saw more lion chases here than I had seen in the previous 15 years and also black rhino came down to drink during the day and the night!

1/10 : One of the Okaukejo bungalows right next to the waterhole!
An image of  a safari vehicle with UN written on the side parked next to a typical thatched safari bungalow with a small verandah.
2/10 : Clarissa would sit in the cab working while......
An image of Clarissa Augustinus in the cab of a 4x4 vehicle with a book on her lap while she is writing in it.
3/10 : ......I was painting indoors.
An image of Paul Augustinus painting an oil painting inside one of the bungalows. The canvas is propped up on a side table.
4/10 : The walkway and benches next to Okaukejo waterhole in 1991
An image of  a bench with two people sitting on it, seperated by a low wall from the waterhole in the distance where several elephant are drinking.
5/10 : This was very much a Circus Maximus type of place!
An image of  several sightseers and a photographer crowded next to the wall where an elephant is browsing from a tree only a meter or two away from the spectators.
6/10 : I watched many lion chases during the did day heat.
An image of  a lioness rushing down towards the waters edge where a large herd of springbok are bolting for their lives.
7/10 : Sometimes the chases would end up on the camp side of the pool!
An image of  a lioness bearing down on a female kudu which is only just keeping out of its reach. This was only a few metres from the low wall.
8/10 : Sunset signaled a completely different kind of Okaukejo experience......
An image of  a sun setting into a horizon of tangled acacia thorn tree branches.
9/10 : ....with elephants coming and going in the cool of the evening.
An image of  an elephant wandering down to drink at the pool while in the distance the sun touches the horizon.
10/10 : As soon as the sun had gone, rhino would appear magically from the bush.
An image of the pool after sunset. The pool refects the pink sky. The pool also shows the reflection of a lone black rhino drinking.

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