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Jau Dugout Safari

I have done several dugout (mekoro) safaris through various parts of the Okavango Swamps in Botswana between 1979 and 1994, the best of which was the one that Clarissa and I made to the Jau section of the Swamps. We had some very close encounters with elephant and lions, followed a honey guide to honey, did several field paintings under very arduous conditions and got a good understanding what the description "Garden of Eden" really means!
To see a documentary of this journey go HERE.

1/14 : The start of the Jau dugout journey.
An image of 2 dugouts being prepared and packed for the upcoming trip. The two polers/guides - Jimmy and Olay - as well as Clarissa are moving equipment around.
2/14 : My canvases are packed into a dugout.
An image of Paul Augustinus handing a canvas to Jimmy to be packed in a dugout. In the background is is a wide flood plain and a shallow stream in the foreground.
3/14 : Olay and Jimmy - our trusted and skillful guides and polers.
An image of  the two guides, dressed in khaki and scarves and hats standing in front of Okovango island scenery of Pheonix palm scrub.
4/14 : Okavango, adventure, and a dugout full of camping and art gear!
An image of  Paul Augustinus in a dugout that is being poled along a tranquil Okavango stream. bBehind him in the dugout, one of his canvases can be seen next to camping gear.
5/14 : Okavango wonder! Crystal clear water and yellow sandy stream beds.
An image of a tusk fragment lying on the  yellow sand bed of an Okavango stream. The water is crystal clear and vegetation waves in the current.
6/14 : You see a lot of this while sitting for hours in a dugout.
An image of a bed of lilly pads as viewed form the position of a passenges sitting low in a dugout.
7/14 : You also see interesting things on nearby islands.
An image of a distant male lion about to disappear into the dense riverine forest of an Okovango island.
8/14 : Once we surprised some baboons. We laughed and laughed!
An image of several baboon jumping and prancing through the water as they crossed from one island to another.
9/14 : On one of our long walks we say this on a floodplain
An image of several lion stalking a very large herd of buffalo in the foreground
10/14 : They managed to catch one of the calves.....
An image of a small buffalo calf being carried off by several lionesses
11/14 : .... but it was rescued and licked clean by some female buffalo.
An image of the sane snall buffalo surrounded by a group of protective buffalo cows. Its superficial wounds are being licked vlean by the buffalo.
12/14 : Not swimming in the nicer looking channels was impossible!
An image of Clarissa Augustinus swimming in a wide sany-bottomed channel in the Okavango. The water is crystal clear and was very cold as well.
13/14 : One of our camps in Jau. "Rough" would be a good description!
An image of Paul Augustinus and Jimmy talking next to a tiny pup tent on a very small Okavango island. In the background is a wide lagoon and in the distance are other palm covered islands. Evening photograph.
14/14 : At one of these camps I completed several paintings.
An image of Paul Augustinus  with some equipment next to an esal which has a small canvas on it. In the distance are other islands and open grassy floodplains. The camp is under som huge fig trees and there is a campfire in the foreground.

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