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 Cover of Paul Augustinus book - Botswana A Brush with the Wild
Botswana-A Brush with the Wild

This was my first book which was published in 1988 and is an account of my travels in Botswana's wild Northern region during my first few years in the country. Illustrated with my paintings and photographs.
Soon to be available as an e-book on Amazon.

Cover of Paul Augstinus book - Desert Adventure
Desert Adventure

Published by Acorn with a separate UK co-edition by Airlife Publishers. It is an illustrated account of one specific 7 month journey of mine across Namibia and Botswana in the 1990s. Illustrated with my paintings and photography.
Soon to be available as an e-book on Amazon.

2006 Tryon show catalog, Paul Augustinus artist
2006 Show Catalogue

The show catalogue for my 2006 exhibition at the Tryon Gallery. The forward for this catalogue was written by Richard Leaky.

2008 Paul Augustinus show catalogue cover at Tryon gallery, showing two kudu bolting away
2008 Show Catalogue

The catalogue for my 2008 show at the Tryon Gallery in St. James, London. I was delighted that I was able to get iconic Virginia McKenna, of Born Free movie fame, to write the forward.

2010  Paul Augustinus show catalogue cover showing a dhow leaving Zanzibar harbour
2010 Show catalogue

The catalogue for my landmark 2010 solo show at the Everard Read, Johannesburg. While writing the essay I accidentally uncovered my own hidden past. See more of that story HERE.
Download Catalogue HERE

2012 Tryon catalogue cover for Paul Augustinus show showing elephants at Amboseli with Kilimanjaro in background
2012 Show catalogue

The catalogue for my 2012 show at the Tryon Gallery in St James, London.

2015 Everard Read gallery catalogue cover showing elephants in front of Kilimanjaro mountain
2015 Show Catalogue

The catalogue for my 2015 solo show at Everard Read, Johannesburg. Again every painting in this show was very large (120cm x 180cm) and all African wilderness landscapes.
Download Catalogue HERE

2015 Tryon Gallery cover with two Kudu on a ridge
2015 show catalogue

The catalogue for my 2015 solo show at the Rountree Tryon Gallery in St James, London.


Roberts is the standard bird book in Southern Africa, the one that everyone uses. It is re-issued periodically with a different cover and I was honored that one of my bird paintings was used on the cover of this particular edition.

The Field magazine, opened to article about Paul Augustinus
The Field
Nov 2015

A Janet Menzies article about in the The Field. The magazine used one of the paintings in my 2015 show with the Rountree Tryon as an illustration. Read this article HERE:

Optima Magazine cover of Kube Island baobabs
1987: A foot in the Door!

I was commissioned to write this article for Optima, Anglo American's in-house publication. This was one of the positive consequences of the publication of my first book Botswana A Brush with the Wild in 1987. When you get your foot in the door, opportunities come knocking. I decided to write about my interest in the geological history of Northern Botswana combined with the wildlife, wilderness and history of that same region. Some of the ancient, thousand-year old historic baobabs that I described in that article have now died, disintegrated and are gone! - a legacy of how climate change is affecting these marginal areas.

First day cover issue envelope for Paul Augustinus Botswana stamps

In 1987, as was the norm for me, I returned to Durban for the wet season. One of the pleasures of returning to my tiny Durban North Beach flat was the pile of mail that would be waiting for me in my Post Box. There was a letter from the Postal Services of Botswana commissioning four postage stamps. I perceived this as yet another example of what happens when you have a foot in the door! I still like the results because unlike most stamp illustrations, my stamps were of actual animals lit by a sun that was behind or above the subjects. Most stamp illustrations are painted as if they are lit by an overcast sky and with no distinct shadows.

image of Bill Travis book Voice of the Turtle open at the front page.
image of a hand holding Voice of the Turtle book by Travis showing the title written down the spine.

There was a time when I thought that I was an original! But that myth was shattered when I read Voice of the Turtle published in 1964. This was written by explorer, author and adventurer, William Bill Travis and was a description about his and my father's ill-starred attempts to make a business, canning sea food in Somalia for the European luxury market. Their company was called Martin & Paul Kismayu Ltd. The Paul in that company name is me! They saw lions on the beach, abundant wildlife, narrowly avoided inclusion in a rebel plot, and were eventually deported from the country just as their business started to take off.
Ian Fleming wrote a glowing endorsement of the book which remains one of the very few travel books written about Somalia before it became what we now perceive it to be.
To read this book you will have to find a copy on Amazon or EBay. Travis also wrote several other books including Last Bus to Simi and Beyond the Reefs which is still in print and available for sale from Publishers in the Seychelles.