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I had three simple facts about my father. I knew that he had one sibling - a sister. I also knew that there had been a 'mystery woman!' And in 1974 my mother had mentioned to me that he might be in the Seychelles. So in October 2009, with my goal being an interesting essay for my next show catalog, I started my journey down memory lane.
Because my father was Danish my first move was a post on a Danish website which enabled citizens to find missing relatives. Three weeks later a woman came across this post while she was researching her own family name - which was also Augustinus. She showed this to her father - Gert Augustinus of Basel. He realized that we were related. And not distant relatives either! He replied to my post. Crucially, he was able to confirm that there was a Seychelles connection. He put me in contact with author and conservationist Ron Gerlach in the Seychelles Gert said he had been a close friend of my father. I contacted Ron and he came back to me with answers to many of the questions that had bothered me for decades. From him I discovered that my father had died in the Seychelles in 1988! His partner, the 'mystery woman,' the nemesis of my mother's marriage, had also since died. It was at this point, fifty five years late, I discovered that the mystery woman's name was Gisele Carvill! Ron told me that Gisele had a daughter, Jackie, who was now living in Johannesburg. He forwarded her email address to me. I sent her a long carefully composed letter wondering if she would reply to a ghost from the past. But I need not have worried. She replied the same day and also forwarded to me some images of my father. These were the first images I had ever seen of him. Disappointingly, they depicted a man who was old, very overweight, and looked unwell. I was dismayed at how sad and unfamiliar this stranger looked to me. In the emotional phone call that followed our emails Jackie recounted how in the early 1960s she had often seen me at a distance in Mombasa. At the time she had wished that we could have been friends. We had shared a similar experience in the same small town with the same dysfunctional parents. She told me that when Gisele died in 2005 she had combed through her late mother's collection of documents, photos and memorabilia and selected out everything pertaining to my father or me. Then, she put these in a package and posted them to her ex-husband David Kerr in East Africa with instructions to find me and deliver the package. He never did locate me and the package lay gathering dust in a warehouse for years.
So, five weeks after my initial post on the Danish website, Jackie's package, many years late and now very grubby and battered was finally delivered to me by David Kerr.
That evening I waited until Clarissa came home from work. Then we opened Jackie's package together and I found myself transported back in time and on the long journey that had taken me to where I now found myself. This was the start of the story that I uncovered.
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1/12 : I go on the web and type a question into a Danish on-line forum.
A Paul Augustinus screen shot showing a web page hosted by the Danish Government and set up to connect lost Danish relatives. This is what I wrote:.....Help needed to find Ane Margrethe Augustinus in Haderslev and to contact any living relatives of my father Knud Dons Augustinus which I last saw in Kenya in 1960
Posted by: Paul Dons Augustinus (IP Logged)
Date: October 08, 2009 05:56AM

I urgently need help finding Ane Margrethe Augustinus, born 1917, who I belive is still alive and living in Haderslev. Ane Margrethe is the sister of my father Knud Dons Augustinus, born 1920, who I last saw in 1961 in Mombasa Kenya. I believe that he became a Danish Consul in Seychelles in the 1960s and 70s. I would like to get in contact with anyone that might be able to put me in contact with any of his living relatives or friends or who might be able to tell me anything about my father, or have any photographs of him, myself and my mother Rosemary Dons Augustinus during the period they were still together. 
I have seen the post at DIS-Danmark below....... 


..........but I can not access the page that has photographs on line I think, which is very frustrating as I have no photographs of my father, and have never seen any. 

Paul Brian Dons Augustinus 
Nairobi, Kenya.......
2/12 : This is the reply I received a few weeks later.
A Paul Augustinus screen shot of the reply to an on-line forum question............Re: Help needed to find Ane Margrethe Augustinus in Haderslev and to contact any living relatives of my father Knud Dons Augustinus which I last saw in Kenya in 1960
Posted by: Gert Augustinus (IP Logged)
Date: October 26, 2009 01:57PM

Hello, Paul. 

My name is Gert Augustinus, son of Povl Augustinus (Haderslev) - your fathers cousin. I am able to tell you something about Ane Margrtehe etc. and I certainly would like a talk with you. 

Many regards 
Gert Augustinus.......
3/12 : My post eventually led me to Jackie who sent me some images of my father - the first that I had ever seen. With Jackie in 1980s, Seychelles.
An image of a smiling Jackie Kerr seated at a dining table with flowers in her hair
4/12 : Jackie connects me to David Kerr who delivers a package to me in 2009.
An image of David Kerr, with a package in hand walking towards my front door in Muthaiga, Kenya
5/12 : The Package!
A Paul Augustinus  image of a weather-beaten, grubby, A3 sized package, which is quite obviously filled with documents and other stuff as it has burst open at the top and been taped up again. On the front is the Nairobi phone number of David Kerr and their son which Jackie had written many years previously
6/12 : My first look in the package.
An image of Paul Augustinus opening and examining the contents of a large package
7/12 : This was an emotional moment for me.
An image of Paul Augustinus at a table where the package is lying open on the table and he is going through the contents slowly
8/12 : I find a photograph of the plaque that was placed on my father's headstone in the Seychelles.
An image of Paul Augustinus holding up a small postcard sized photo of a white marble plaque with his fathers name on it
9/12: This photo showed the grave on the day of his burial.
An image of a freshly made grave with a neat white painted concrete cap and cross with the small plaque at the head
10/12: I also found a letter Gisele had written to me but never posted.
A Paul Augustinus image of two sides of a note page with a scrawled letter that Gisele had written to him when his father had died in 1994
11/12: Jackie, Johannesburg 2010 when I met her for first time.
An image of Jackie Kerr on the steps of her house in Johannesburg in 2017
12/12: Jackie provided me with many more photos of my father. Here young and healthy in 1960s Mombasa.
An image of Knud Dons Augustinus

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