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image of a Nizo super 8 camera

Since 1990 I have used a Nizzo Super 8mm movie camera, as well as Sony TR850 and PC 330E camcorders to create guerrilla style documentaries as an artists record of some iconic adventures. Professionally produced, these videos are windows into the past and depict a freedom that was available in a different era to those who were happy to take a few risks.

Secret Mara!


Every year between 2003 and 2015 my wife Clarissa and I would travel to the Mara and camp in a very special place for a few weeks. I looked forward to these trips because invariably there would be surprises of one kind or another. Sometimes there would be so much rain that it was difficult to get out and look for wildlife and other times we were lucky and it was mostly sunshine. However, whenever it rained hard one became quite isolated in one's campsite - cut off for a few days sometimes. We would stay in camp then and keep very quiet. No talking or chatter etc. Wildlife would then come wandering in a way that it would not do if there had been more than just the two of us there. This video is our experiences of that secret place which we loved so much.

Camping on the Mara is one of the great African experiences.
Clarissa Augustinus getting water from a container in a campsite on the Mara River with a herd of elephant watching in the background