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image of a Nizo super 8 camera

Since 1990 I have used a Nizzo Super 8mm movie camera, as well as Sony TR850 and PC 330E camcorders to create guerrilla style documentaries as an artists record of some iconic adventures. Professionally produced, these videos are windows into the past and depict a freedom that was available in a different era to those who were happy to take a few risks.

Mega Tusker: 2009


The first time I went to Ngorongoro in Tanzania was in 1953 when I was a year old and on one of my parents weekend jaunts upcountry from Dar es Salaam where my father had an engineering company. Although wildlife was abundant, elephant sightings were uncommon at Ngorongoro back then as the whole of the highlands and the rim forest was a hunting block. In 2009 Clarissa and I camped at Ngorongoro for a couple of weeks and on one of those days we had a lucky sighting in the Lerai Forest of a well known mega tusker. This elephant has the largest tusks I have ever seen in the flesh. This elephant is easily 60+ years old and could have been a calf when I visited Ngorongoro as a baby all those years ago. Considering the size of its tusks it is a miracle that it survived the intervening decades.

Inspiration for an artist in Africa!
A Paul Augustinus image of a massively tusked elephant on the floor of the Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania. Photo: Paul Augustinus