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After an incident with the Vice Principal I left Prince Edward school in 1970. "Good riddance" I thought when I walked out the gates for the last time. I disliked the school and it's Nazi-like atmosphere. I especially loathed the spotty-faced prefects who hung about in a room attached to the Assembly hall where they eternally looked for someone to bully. That would often be me, the blond-haired foreign boy with a funny accent who refused to be a part of their tiny, insular world. Instead I attended a small, very relaxed and diverse cram school on Park Lane next to the City Gardens. In 1971, my mother moved to Mozambique where we lived in Beira for six months. Near the end of the year we moved back to Harare where we lived in the Municipal campsite and I wrote my University entrance the exams written at the cram school. Then my mother moved to the Victoria Falls where she rented a National Parks bungalow that was within walking distance of the Falls themselves. After Christmas, the results of my exams arrived by post. I had passed and I suddenly realized that I was going to University. My mother was visibly relieved!
In 1972 I boarded a Vickers Viscount turboprop plane at the Victoria Falls Aerodrome flying first to Johannesburg where I saw real skyscrapers, and then on to Durban and Kwazulu-Natal University. I never returned to Zimbabwe. I did very little studying in that first year at University because I bought a surfboard and used it every day when the conditions were right. More importantly it was here that I met Clarissa Nelson - the mysterious girl who I believed implicitly was destined to become my soul-mate and companion for the rest of my life! But nothing is that simple because a year later we broke up. She graduated before I did - getting a BA Honors in Anthropology in 1976. After that she was involved in the South African liberation struggle where she worked on land issues and poverty. Surfing delayed my graduation but finally I obtained a BSc degree in 1997 and then I worked in the Karoo as a geologist for a year.
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1/ :This was Mabel Palmer Mens Residence in 1972.
An image of a building showing the room which was occupied by Paul Augustinus  during his first year.
2/ :I quickly discovered surfing was something I really enjoyed. Andre Engelbrecht was a surfing buddy of mine.
An image of a VW Beetle with surfboards stacked on top  and Andre Engelbrecht looking out the window of the vehicle in a comical way. In the background is the Residence buildings.
3/ :One of my first surfboards was a Mike Ginsberg Natural Curve surfboard. Bay of Plenty 1972. The notorious board-killing outflow pipe is in the background
An image of Paul Augustinus posing with his board  at the edge of the surf with a rusty pipe extending out into the sea in the background.
4/ :Me surfing at Dairy break, Durban in 1974.
An image of Paul Augustinus surfing a medium sized beach break wave.
5/ :Clarissa Nelson. I met her in May 1972 while lining up outside the dining room for dinner.
An image of Clarissa Nelson - an old fashioned photographic portraid with strong side lighting.
6/ :After a first introduction we were soon dating permanently. She would play endless games of bridge while I went surfing.
An image of Paul Augustinus with his arm around Clarissa Nelson at a party in Durban.
7/ :University group photo taken at the end of the year. I adored this very pretty girl.
A group photo of  fellow women at Mable Palmer Womans Residence -  with Clarissa Nelson highlited.
8/ :In 1974 we broke up!
An image of Clarissa Nelson sitting in a vehicle.

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