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image of a Nizo super 8 camera

Since 1990 I have used a Nizzo Super 8mm movie camera, as well as Sony TR850 and PC 330E camcorders to create guerrilla style documentaries as an artists record of some iconic adventures. Professionally produced, these videos are windows into the past and depict a freedom that was available in a different era to those who were happy to take a few risks.

Dhow Safari


Having grown up in Mombasa, Kenya in East Africa, dhows and the Swahili Coast have formed a very big part of my life. I have an affinity for the sights, smells and culture of this very evocative and textured part of the African coast. So it is only natural that these things influenced everything that I have done since the 1960s. That influence can be seen in every painting I have done and as an artist I am always looking for new ideas for paintings of the Swahili Coast. What better or more romantic way can you think of to search for ideas than by a dhow along a mysterious coast? This video is of of one of those journeys.

Romantic, mysterious Faza Town on the Coast.
A Paul Augustinus image of dhows moored next to Faza Town on the coast of Kenya near Somalia.