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New experiences in the Mababe Depression

In 1979 I departed Serondella and traveled back to Croc Camp and stashed some equipment there. I then in August I traveled North bound for Savuti and set up my tent on the banks of the Savuti Channel just upstream of the Kasane-Maun road ford. Savuti had no good shade trees and for the next few weeks I sweltered in the tent during the day. I was not overly productive here, but still experimenting with my watercolour paintings. I became very thin here, having misjudged the amount of food I needed and even was buying chicken eggs from rangers at the nearby game scout camp.

1/10 : In 1979, the Veterinary Department still sprayed every vehicle passing through Shorobe with DDT to kill Tsetse flies
An image of  a vetinary official hand spraying the interior of my vehicle inside a darkened chamber.
2/10 : This was the country surrounding the Savuti campsite.
An aerial image of  the Savuti campsite showing surrounding features such as the Channel, the Goha Hills, and the Savuti Marsh.
3/10 : Within a few days of making camp elephants became a nuisance. They were looking for for apples or oranges.
An image ofan elephant right next to Paul Augustinus tent, with its trunk in a bucket of water.
4/10 : Also within a few days hyena became a nuisance at night, often running off with anything one had inadvertently left outside after dark.
An image of a hyena creeping towards the open door of a tent.
5/10 : I did get many opportunities to sketch elephants right in camp.
An image of Paul Augustinus sketching a Savuti elephant.
6/10 : Downstream there were large pools and thats where I did most of my fishing fro bream.
An image of Paul Augustinus fishing. The pool in the background is studded with many drowned acacia trees which ad died when the Savuti started running  again after beib dry for 40 years.
7/10 : This particular elephant was very well know in th e Savuti area as being very relaxed when close to humans.
An image of Paul Augustinus  seated on a chail, and looking at a huge bull elephant which is standing 2 meters away from him.
8/10 : After a while marauding hyena went from being novel to being completely irritating.
An image of a maurading hyena licking  the surface of a camptable standing next to a vehicle.
9/10 : In some ways it was an idyllic few weeks living very close to nature
An image of a campfire with its grate and with kettles boiling on it. Just beyond that a few metres away an elephan is walking up the middle of the Savuti stream.
10/10 : When it was time to leave one had to negotiate 150 kilometers of bad roads to get back to Maun.
An image of a 4 x 4 vehicle negotiating a very sandy road  with deep rutted tracks.

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