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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Dodori
SIZE: 23.5in x 35.5in
Oil on Canvas

Incredible Faza!
An aerial view of Faza Town on Pate Island north of Lamu on the coast of Kenya
'Where else in Africa could you hear distant lion calls from the deck of your dhow'

'Wildlife, wilderness, beautiful tropical coastal scenery and a fascinating and ancient cultural heritage. There is no better place in Africa to get all these things collected together in one place than the northern coast of Kenya, up near the Somalia border. This part of the Swahili Coast is one of Africa’s last bastions of original wildlife and wilderness - and it’s all to do with it’s proximity to the Somalia border. It is my favourite part of the East African coastline and we go there as often as we can. We always choose the time when the moon is full - which gives a special romantic touch when applied to this part of the world with its wide open horizons and seascapes. We have done many dhow camping trips all the way up to the Somalia border and coastal wildlife encounters (rare and fleeting) are always a bonus on these journeys. Where else in Africa could you hear distant lion calls from the deck of your dhow while anchored for the night in a mangrove forest? Where else in Africa could you see bushbuck swimming from one side of a tidal estuary to the other? Or lesser kudu on a coastal sand dune, or hear stories about buffalo on a lagoon lapped by the warm Indian ocean? All of this is made much more interesting by some nearby ancient Arab towns - Faza, Siyu and Rubu. Inland of these towns there is a truly huge wilderness hinterland, a district-sized area of land, where massive herds of buffalo, topi, waterbuck and giraffe roam through doum palm and acacia savanna. And yet very few people see any of it!'


A Paul Augustinus painting of two lesser kudu on a ridge overlooking the mangroves on the coast of Kenya at Dodori National Reserve