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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Kilimanjaro Evening
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Kilimanjaro from Arusha: 1956
Kilimanjaro in the evening light seen from Arusha
'I have been coming here since 1962'

'This painting is special to me as it is of my favorite part of East Africa - the dome shaped volcanic hills near Tortillis Lodge to the west of Amboseli National Park. I have been coming to Amboseli since 1962 and I have seen many changes to the environment here. There is too much pressure on too few resources. There are too many elephants here now for a start. But one thing never changes. The magnetic and gravitational presence of the mountain itself - it is almost overpowering. For that reason I really love doing paintings of this mountain because of the challenge of communicating its massive ,solitary bulk. This work is the seventh large painting I have done of this mountain in a series of paintings I have been working on for the last fifteen years. I remember that the glaciers atop the mountain being much more extensive in 1962 than they are now and I believe that in a few decades time those remnant glaciers will completely disappear. What a thought!


A Paul Augustinus painting of dusty evening elephants in acacia scenery with a snow capped mountain in the background           .