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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Coral Shade 2
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Exploring near the Somali border
Clarissa Augustinus, exploring the Swakili Coast in Kenya
'we came across lion tracks on the beach'

'My wife Clarissa and I have spent several very happy weeks on a dhow sailing up and down the coast north of Lamu and all the way to the Somali border. On two occasions we came across lion tracks on the beach and once heard lions calling from the nearby mainland when we were moored for the night. Wildlife is very difficult to see in this part of the world - but it's there and it makes this stretch of the coast very special for me. Where else would you get this mixture of tropical coast, white sand beaches, coral cliffs, Arab ruins and wildlife of consequence all mixed up together? It's unique. Only problem is that encountering bandits here is a possibility so close to the Somali border.'
For more see my Dhow Safari video HERE.


A Paul Augustinus painting of two male lions resting on a tropical sandy beach next to the waves, and under the shade of overhanging coral cliffs. Inland, stunted coastal baobab trees can be seen