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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Lamu Quay
SIZE:117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Lamu, Kenya
Lamu, Kenya from the air
'There is always something interesting going on'

'I don't own any of my own works but this painting is one which I wish I had kept for myself. Lamu quay is a very atmospheric Swahili Coast location, especially when the tide is high in the mornings. It is a place I am very familiar with and love very much. I liked to sit on the bench along the wall of the Mosque depicted in this painting and just watch the world go by. There was always something interesting going on, some exotically dressed character wandering by, or a beautiful jahazi dhow heading in to moor and unload. East Africa has several of these very atmospheric towns but Lamu would be my favorite because it is still a working port. The dhows are slowly diminishing in numbers now and in present day Lamu there would be as many powered craft as sailing dhows moored moored alongside the quay. I will be sad when the sailing dhow era has gone forever.'


A Paul Augustinus painting of dhows arriving at the Lamu waterfront quay at mid morning and with a high tide, with lots of activity on the shore with pedestrians, workers and donkeys. Several men are seated on the bench along the wall of the local mosque.