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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: The Baobab Forest
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Tarangire, Tanzania
A leopard resting on a baobab branch in Tarangire, Tanzania
'...on one occasion we saw two leopards...'

'This painting is of a secluded part of the Tarangire Valley where there are several very interesting clumps of baobabs which very few people see. This part of the Tarangire lies very close to the point at which the river exits the National Park and in easy driving distance from the public campsite where you will find me staying overnight. So you can get there very early in the morning and view the scenery in the first rays of the sun. And that's my point. Most people only get to see African wilderness in the flat light of mid-morning and later. The first hour of daylight is when all African scenery looks at its best with atmospheric, low angle lighting. On one occasion we saw a leopard resting on one of the branches of a baobab near to the ones portrayed in this painting. In the following days every time we drove past these baobabs we stared carefully at all the branches in the hope of seeing it again. We never did!'


A Paul Augustinus painting of a herd of kudu standing in front of a group of baobabs.