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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Sal Tiger
SIZE:60cm x 90cm
Oil on Canvas

Early morning sighting
Two tigers walking through undergrowth in Bandhavgarh in India
'...We were able to follow tigers...'

'All my Indian tiger sightings have been in the Bandhavgarh National Park and I have been fortunate to have visited this place several times since 1990 with the fantastic Vivec Sharma as my guide. On the last occasion I was there I took full advantage of the opportunity to rent an elephant for oneself for the whole day, and did this for many days (all organised by Vivec of course.) Because of this special facility we were able to follow tigers as they hunted through the jungle and in the process saw some fantastic scenery and locations that one would never normally see. On one morning we followed two tigers through the bush and then along a sandy river bed surrounded by dense, green jungle on both sides just as the sun was rising. The tiger was side-lit in a very dramatic way and I thought to myself - 'That's it!' I had my painting in the bag. '


A Paul Augustinus painting of a side-lit tiger in long grass and dense undergrowth