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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Dirisha Buffs
SIZE: 24in x 36in
Oil on Canvas

The Mara River
 A group of jiraffe crossing the Mara River near Dirisha,
'Rangers have been gored'

'This painting is of a place that I have great affection for - a location just upstream of a favorite camping place in East Africa. From 2003 onwards my wife and I camped here every year in the period when the wildebeest migration was on. Every bend in the river here seems to have it's own small bachelor herd of massive buffalo. Rangers have been gored while on foot patrols through this area. Individual solitary buffalo also hugged close to our camp at night when lions roared nearby sometimes sitting down to chew the cud right next to our tents. Consequently when nature called on very dark nights you had to be very careful when you ventured outside.
For more on this see my Camped on the Mara video HERE


A Paul Augustinus painting of two magnificent, alert, inquisitive buffalo which have been grazing on the lush riverbank of the Mara River which is the background