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TITLE: Madji ya Ndeje
ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
SIZE: 24inches x 36inches
Oil on Canvas

Our camp on the Mara
Clarissa Augustinus at a camp table on the bank of the Mara River
'One had to be very careful'

This is a painting of two burly looking buffalo on the bank of the Mara River in Kenya during the late dry season in October when the grass and vegetation has dried out. The whole length of the Mara River in the Triangle section of the National Reserve is densely forested and is host to countless groups of buffalo such as this. This scene is of a stretch of river downstream of of a favorite campsite in the Mara Triangle. This painting is based on two individuals I saw regularly on the outskirts of our campsite. One had to be very careful with these solitary buffalo. Near here a ranger was gored badly while out on foot patrol.
For more see my Camped on the Mara video HERE.


A Paul Augustinus wildlife painting of two agressive looking buffalo standing on the bank of the Mara River in the Mara Triangle. In the background the serene, fast flowing river winds away into the distance