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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
SIZE: 40inches x 60inches
Oil on Canvas

Camped in Ireland
A campsite beneath a ruined English manor house in West Cork, Ireland
'Stirring landscapes always inspire me'

'This painting was created from material gathered on a visit to my cousin who lives in Tomintoul, Scotland. The mountains of Scotland and Ireland have a similar feel and appearance and have been the inspiration for the small number of European paintings that I have produced over the years. Most of these paintings have been of the Cairngorn mountains, but I have also done paintings of Spain and Ireland as well. I am at present in the process of preparing the first in a series of paintings of Ireland.
This painting is of a place quite close to a footpath used by hill walkers from Tomintool. It doesn't matter which continent they occur on, stirring landscapes always inspire me to make paintings.'


A Paul Augustinus wildlife painting of the Cairngorn mountains in Scotland. Red deer play in the foreground while the hills and glens of the Scottih Highlands are in the background.