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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Ruins at Kilwa
Old arab Swahili Coast ruins at Kilwa
'This place is quite magical'

'This painting of mine depicts a ruined fort in the Kilwa Kivinje area of Southern Tanzania. As an ongoing project I have been working on completing as many paintings of the historic Swahili Coast of East Africa before these places either vanish or are destroyed by the insidious calamity of sea level rise or climate change. Here in the Kilwas there are a series of dhow ports and islands with Portuguese and Arab ruins in very exotic locations. As an artist that grew up on the Swahili Coast, these kinds of places are very inspirational for me, as I do feel a strong sense of belonging in these kinds of surroundings. This particular place is quite magical, but it is even more so if you arrive when the sun is just over the horizon. I tried several days in a row before I was rewarded with this sight.'


A Paul Augustinus wildlife painting of  a dhow leaving the port of Kilwa Kivinje in Southern Tanzania. Dark clouds loom in the background and the early morning light illuminates a ruined fort on the shore..