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TITLE: The Port of Lamu
ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Near Pate Island
A dhow on the Swahili Coast, Kenya
'These dhows will be gone soon'

'This painting depicts a scene that is culturally very familiar to me. I grew up and went to school in Mombasa, and that is why I am is so inspired by the Arab architecture, dhows and culture of the region which continues to inspire him to the present day. Plans to build a modern and very large port nearby threaten to destroy the atmosphere and uniqueness of Lamu. With every passing year there are less and less dhows to be seen. These dhows will be gone soon. Eventually the sailing dhows of the Swahili Coast will be completely replaced by motorized versions. This is one of an ongoing series of Swahili Coast paintings that I am working on as my homage to a glorious era of romantic dhows, architecture and history.'


A Paul Augustinus painting of the iconic and ancient Arab port of Lamu. A dhow is sailing towards the docks on a day when the late evening sun illuminates the buildings on the horizon.