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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: The Rift Valley
SIZE: 117cm x 180cm
Oil on Canvas

Burko Mountain
Paul Augustinus and Land Cruiser parked in the Rift Valley with Burko Mountain in the background
'The view was spectacular'

'This painting is of an area of Northern Tanzania that I visited in 2011. The scenery here is very rocky and extremely rugged and overlooks a wild part of the Rift Valley floor. In the distance is a very special mountain, which is part of the escarpment. This region has several of these tall mountains, two examples of which are called Esimingore and Burko. In the mornings they are capped by clouds. This means that they also have a crown of dense, impenetrable cloud forest which is a haven for the wildlife of the area. When we were here the climate was extremely arid but the view down into the Rift Valley was truly spectacular. On the way down the escarpment we stopped for tea. These kudu then popped out of the bush having been disturbed by our noisy arrival.


A Paul Augustinus painting of three greater kudu males browsing on the edge of an escarpment. Far below in the background is the vast floor of the East African Rift Valley