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ARTIST: Paul Augustinus
TITLE: Mara Rhino
SIZE: 22in x 16in
Oil on Canvas

Near Oloolo.
A Paul Augustinus image of a vehicle parked on the slope of an escarpment in the Mara Reserve, with the plains in the background.
'Sometimes you get lucky!'

'This painting is based on the many sightings that I had of a particular black rhino in the Mara Triangle in 2012. Sometimes you get luck and this was one of those occasions! The Oloolo Escarpment runs along the Western boundary of the Triangle. It is an area I am particularly fond of because the small track that follows the base of the Escarpment is elevated above the plains to the East. This means, that with a good pair of binoculars, you can see what is going on way out the plains very easily. For two weeks I managed to pick up where this individual was quite easily and then drive slowly across the plain to its location. Rhino are rare in the Mara so this was a great opportunity. In subsequent years I never again saw this rhino in this area again. One piece of wisdom that I have accumulated in all my years looking for animals is that you have to take every opportunity when it happens because it will never happen again. Even so in following years, every time we were in the area, my Wife and I always looked about hopefully to see if it was there. Never saw it again!


A Paul Augustinus painting of a black rhino in the bushy country beneath a  looming Rift Valley escarpment.